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Lady Gaga – Wet and Hot on Today Show

Lady Gaga performs her new song You and I in a white studded push up bra and pants
Lady Gaga performs her new song You and I on the Today Show

Neither rain or hot weather can keep Lady Gaga little monsters from their mother monster performance.

Therefore, it was no surprise that around 20,000 of her adoring little monsters showed up in hot and sexy Lady Gaga fashion looks for her free concert on the NBC Today show.

Some of her adoring little monsters camped out in the sweltering heat wave gripping New York City for two days before Lady Gaga free concert on Friday July 9, 2010.

Lady Gaga - Someone to Watch Over Me

Lady Gaga performs Alejandro in a black with silver studs bra Credit: Fame Pictures
Lady Gaga performs Alejandro in a black with silver studs bra

As white smoke rose from the stage, Lady Gaga appeared in a very retro white feathered head dress with white beads, sexy white push up bra, white with silver studded jacket and pants.

For her first number Lady Gaga performed the classical George Gershwin composition with lyrics by Ira Gershwin classic Someone to Watch Over Me.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Lady Gaga descended from the top of the stage, removed her white jacket and segmented into Bad Romance. This was followed by a break.

You and I – Lady Gaga New Song

Lady Gaga get wet as the rain pores down during her performance of Teeth Credit: Fame Pictures
Lady Gaga is soaked by the rain during her performance of Teeth

As the rain fell Lady Gaga said Don’t cry angles.

I love and cherish my friend so much and I just want to say a great thank you to all television and radio and underground clubs and the gay community for supporting me for the past three years and all the records that you have bought.

I love you and cherish you forever.

When she was asked by one of the Today show hosts about the pizza and the pizza boxes her little monsters had, Lady Gaga responded - Since there were dozens of fans sleeping outside, I sent the pizza.

Lady Gaga was also asked by the hosts if there is a down side to fame to which she responded There are certainly a downside to fame.

The kind of fame that I cherish is the relationship with my fans.

You know that I don't go out very much, I say in my hotel room and I write music.

Lady Gaga then put on a pair of silvery bee eye mask and performed her new rock and roll song You and I.

New Look for Alejandro

Changing into a black outfit - sexy black bra jacket and black pants, Lady Gaga got up close and personal with her little monsters as she performed Alejandro.

Lady Gaga takes a bit out of New York with Teeth

Wet from the failing rain, Lady Gaga performed in a black halter bra and pants.

Lady Gaga performed her song Teeth.

After that, she shouted to her little monsters and the tv audience Thank you New York for changing my life – let it rain and it certainly did.

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