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Lady Gaga – Cloning Sexy Little Monsters

Lady Gaga fans dress like Lady Gaga
Little Monsters dress like Lady Gaga

Not only does Lady Gaga music inspire her fans or little monsters, as they like to be called, but her little monsters are also capturing Lady Gaga fashion style.

Little Monsters Dress in Sexy Gaga Costumes

At her performance at the L G Birmingham Arena, Lady Gaga was greeted with legions of little monsters dressed up in hot costumed versions of Lady Gaga.

Long blond wigs seem to be a favorite of her fans with an occasional long royal purple wig appearing in the crowd.

Lady Gaga in a white hair costume Credit: Flynet Pictures
Cousin Itt or Lady Gaga - you be the judge

Yes, even the bow hairdo was represented by some of the little monsters.

Sunglasses were also a popular accessory and included over sized sunglasses in red, white and black frames.

The sexy black little mini dress was a popular gaga look, with a few white and red mini dresses added to the gaga look.

Nude, red or fishnet pantyhose were popular choices for those sexy little monsters legs.

Of course, when it came to shoes – the higher the heel, the better.

Black open toe high heel shoes were a hot choice for the little monsters with some red and thigh high boots added to the mix.

Not only are Lady Gaga fans enjoying her music, but they are also following her fashion look.

Lady Gaga as Cousin Itt

Lady Gaga in a hairy top with gold metallic designs Credit: Flynet Pictures
Lady Gaga in hairy top and fishnet pantyhose

Perhaps inspired by the original monster family – the Addams Family, Lady Gaga appeared in a costume almost totally covered in a hairy material.

The costume reminded us of Gomez Addams cousin Itt whose entire body was completely covered with hair.

Lady Gaga Hot Hair Raising Costumes

Another hot new costume looked like a body suit with the top half covered in strands of hair and gold metallic material.

The bottom half of the costume consisted of fishnet pantyhose and high heel black shoes with glittery embellishments.

Lady Gaga was accompanied by dancers in ripped and torn black and fishnet leggings - another hot fashion trend.

Monster Ball UK Leg – States to Come

Lady Gaga is on the UK leg of her Monster Ball tour with performances at London's O2 Arena.

She will also be performing in Manchester and Sheffield before returning to the states for a Fourth of July concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey and a sold out performances at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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