Monday, April 12, 2010

Playboy Bunnies Dissolved Parliament

Blue and White Playboy bunnies in sexy courset bustiers Credit: LFI
Blue and Red Playboy bunnies - Wave goodbye to the Playboys

What better way to dissolve the British parliament than with a beautiful array of Playboy bunnies?

Although the parliament may have been dissolved and election on the way, we enjoyed the sight of beautiful bunnies in red and blue sexy silk bustier corset costumes and ultra sexy high heel shoes, marking the event.

Just love those cute little silk bunny ears, black bowtie, white cuffs and of course, those very white cotton tails.

Playboy bunny with lots of cleavage Credit: LFI
Playboy bunny with ample cleavage

We always enjoy a little bounce to our stories and these bunnies surely provided a whole lot of bouncy copy – no, make that pictures.

A little cleavage goes a long way, and these bunnies provided lots and lots of cleavage.

The beautiful bunnies were provided by a internet retailor Missimo and carried signs saying Wave goodbye to the Playboys.

Hum, with this kind of a send off, we look forward to the next time parliament is dissolved.

Maybe a bunny mansion should replace parliament or how about a bunny hutch?

What do you think???

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Playboy Bunnies Dissolved Parliament.


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