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Lace Petticoats Create a Sexy Summer Look

Phoebe Price in a blazing red mini dress and lace white petticoat Credit: KCSPresse / Splash News
Phoebe Price in a blazing red mini dress and lace petticoat

Long blazing red hair, red off the shoulders mini dess and a lacey petticoat, ooh la la what a sexy summer time look.

One of our favorite red heads, Phoebe Price really looks hot in this blazing summertime outfit.

Yes, a petticoat can really add a sexy, flirty look to any outfit.

From the multi layered, multi colored lace petticoats that were made so popular by French cabinet dancers performing the Can Can to the elaborate layers of ruffled petticoats in Christian Dior full skirted look of the post war period, petticoats have always been part of the fashion scene.

Of course, petticoats played an important part in movie imagery with the famous multi layers petticoats worn by southern belles.

Yes, you may recall the multi layered petticoats worn by Scarlet O'Hara in the film classic Gone with the Wind.

In the 50s, Marilyn Monroe wore just a bellowing white petticoat to create a famous pin up picture look.

Also in the 50s, lace petticoats were worn under a poodle skirt, which were also a favorite of the pink ladies.

In the 80s, Madonna turned underwear to outerwear, wearing a petticoat with a bustier to create a very sexy outfit.

The sexy petticoat as a outerwear look was indeed a popular look in thee 80s for singers and dancers in the club scene.

The major music icons of the period both rocked the dance clubs with very sexy petticoat looks, Madonna was featured in a petticoat on her album Like A Virgin and Cyndi Lauper was featured in a red petticoat on her album cover She's So Unusual.

So you might just want to consider adding a petticoat or two to your summer wardrobe.

Today, we are finding a rekindling of the petticoat look, with red carpet divas such as Phoebe Price and Kathy Griffin, wearing petticoats or petticoat dress combinations.

Remember, a pink, white or black petticoat can turn your bikini into a very sexy clubbing outfit.

If you cannot see the photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Lace Petticoats Create a Sexy Summer Look.

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