Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lindsay Leaves Samantha in Gutter

Lindsay Lohan and Samatha Judith Ronson argue on street in New York City
Credit: : Jose Perez / Splash News
Lindsay leaves Samatha in Gutter

Well, the on again, off again relationship of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Judith Ronson had a bad Valentine's Day blow out on the streets of Lower Manhattan in New York city.

According to the pappazzi trailing Lindsay Lohan and Samatha Judith Ronson, Samantha left her sister's Charlotte Ronson after party at the Eldridge early Saturday morning.

Shortly thereafter, Lindsay Lohan in a short black mini skirt, black stripe pantyhose, shoes, leather biker jacket and cluching a pink bag followed after her.

Lindsay, according to the paparazzi, was calling after Samantha but she keep on walking.

The pappazzi trailed the pair until Samantha and then Lindsay went into the Bowery Hotel.

According to People magazine, both Lindsay and Samatha cancelled a Valentine's Day gig at Passions night club in Hollywood, Florida because they were both sick.

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