Friday, April 04, 2008

Do You Want To Be A "A-List" Party Girl?

An "A-List" Party Girls Must Be Able to Sniff Out the Latest Fashion Trends

If you always dreamed of living the life of a "A-List" Party Girl, well now your dreams may just come true.

If you have champagne tastes and just love shaking your booty all night long, well this might be your dream job come true.

Hate getting up in the morning, hate not having sexy and fab outfits to wear to the clubs, well now is the time to have celebrity designers begging you to wear their clothes.

Deplore standing in a cold line at the ultra trendy night spots in your ultra sexy, micro mini skirt and deep plunging cleavage top, while the "A-List" party girls are whisked into the clubs, and the VIP lounges.

Paris Hilton looking for a BFF

Love to go wild, dance up a storm on the tabletop or bar top, or just taking a swing around the pole?

It seems that the number of "A-List" Party Girls, either through rehab or through motherhood, are declining at an alarming rate.

With the supply of hot, sexy party girls declining at such an alarming rate, something just has to be done.

And, who better to address this pressing issue than that number one party girl herself - Paris Hilton.

Her best friend Nicole Richie has abandon the night life to embellish that warm glow of motherhood.

Her other friends are either in or going into rehab, oh my.

What's a Party Girl to due in such trying times?

Paris Hilton Hanging from a Pole
An "A-List" Party Girl Must Be Able To Dance The Night Away

Well, thank goodness Paris Hilton has a plan and the entrepreneurial spirit to carry it out.

Paris Hilton plans to search the country for a woman or man who can be turned into "A-List" Party Girl material.

It's going to be a lot of hard work, molding someone into a "A-List" party girl.

Why, Paris will have to teach them her closely guarded techniques on how to shop for those sexy, trendy outfits; how to travel like a Hilton; how to party through the night and how to get into and out of a car surrounded by paparazzi.

Well, there must be someone who can be Paris Hilton BFF, or for those not in the know - Best Friend Forever.

Anyway, if you think you have the right stuff to become a "A-List" Party Girl or just want to be a BFF to Paris, just apply at Paris Hilton BFF.

See you on the Red Carpet.

If you cannot see the video clip or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to "A-List" Party Girl Wanted.


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