Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hot Pirate - Sexy Cleavage - Arrrgyh!!!

Pirate Wench Costume

Arrrgh, one of the tops movies of 2007 had a Pirate theme and Pirates will be out in force for Halloween.

Perhaps you fancy yourself to be a sexy pirate's wench, who will steal away any man's heart, as well as their treasure.

Well, listen up!

This pirate wench costume could melt any pirate heart.

Adorned in gold fabric and jewels, with a gold and black peasant top dress with jeweled brooch that will display your treasure chest.

With lusty hat, fishnet stockings and pirate boots, your ready to steal the heart of any pirate.

"Ahoy there all you bad boys"!!

This pirate wench costume will make any pirate's mouth water.

Or prehaps you will be captured by a pirate.

Sexy Priate Costume

Or, you can be a very sultry pirate with great cleavage thanks to a sexy bejeweled underwire bra that really embellish your cleavage and keep your treasure safe.

Nothing looks hotter than a pirate decked out in a sexy pirate costume.

Arrrgh, don't you just love this pirate costume that includes a tie back underwire bra with adjustable straps and removable bra pads - so you can enhance your treasure chest even more.

Cropped jacket with those very sensuous white lace sleeves.

A very hot pull on mini skirt with belt, with a jeweled trim that attaches the bra to the skirt.

Crowned with a hat with feathers and a jewel.

Priate Booty
Shake Your Pirate Booty

You will also want some great pirate boots.

Either a pair of sexy black stiletto buckle boots with buckle detailing near the knee and a flap that can be worn up or down at the top of the boot, if you want to protect your knee cap.

Or perhaps a pair of knee high pirate boots with a cuff at the top and featuring an adorable ribbon detail along the calf.

These pirate boots include a black, red and purple ribbon so you can change your look without having to change your boots. Arrrgh!

Of course, pirates were known for their outlandish headwear.

An there is a treasure trove of great pirate hats including a black velvet pirate hat with elegant feathers or a lacey pirate hat trimmed with lace and bows. Arrrgh!!!

Now you are ready to shake some pirate booty.

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