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Versatile Sexy Accessory - The Sarong

Looking for that versatile accessory that can turn your hot bikini in to a sensuous outfit for dinning or the clubs?

Still from the movie
Tie a Sarong.

Well, there is one essential accessory that can do this and a lot more - the sarong.

Sarongs can be used to create a short slit skirt, tied around the bust as a low cut long dress, as a bathing suit - bikini wrap or as blanket for use at the breach or pool side.

The uses for sarongs are as endless as your imagination.

With their versatility, sarongs are great for glamour photography - and the lightweight material - silk chiffon, rayon/cotton really captures light - great for back lit shots.

Tying Your Sarong

Although the varieties of design are endless, you might want some ideas on the best way to tie a sarong.

Still from the movie
Tying a Sarong.

We found a great site that offers a free movie on tying a sarong.

There are so many ways to tie a sarong, depending on your style and shape.

You can create your own length, with a few simple folds-something most swimsuit cover-ups on the market cannot do!

The best part about tying a sarong is the fabric's versatility: you don't have to wear it only one-way!

You can tie the sarong or pareo around your waist for an easy bathing suit wrap, a short sarong skirt, or around your neck as a long sarong dress, or lay on it while you relax on the beach or poolside as a sarong towel.

The uses for a sarong are endless!

Many people in the islands even use sarongs as table cloths, drapes, or bedspreads.

Sarongs are beautiful fabrics you can use in an infinite number of ways.

Tropical Trade Winds

We especially enjoy sites that are created by a woman and employ local artists.

Tropical Trade Winds does both.

Tropical Trade Winds creator, Julie Azares, commented that, "When we moved to Hawaii for school, we were immediately greeted with Aloha by a fantastic Hawaiian couple that taught us about the island life of fishing, eating, music, and cultural art. We both felt so welcomed by the people of Polynesia.

They taught us the true meaning of Aloha!

We want to share that same feeling with everyone that visits our store."

Azares says that her parent company, Tropical Trade Winds LLC, works closely with local artists and distributors from around the world to bring high-quality, "wearable art" to site patrons. With an emphasis on customer service and Aloha, Tropical Hula Hut is poised for success in an online industry that has historically sold cheap, machine-manufactured cloth, labeled as sarongs.

Additionally, to honor the victims of the recent Tsunami, Tropical Trade Winds will donate a portion of each sale to help with the relief effort. Many sarongs sold by Tropical Hula Hut are hand crafted by talented artisans residing in areas of the world that were drastically affected by the recent Tsunami.

Sarong Care Tips

The site also offers tips for caring for your sarong.

Rayon/Cotton Sarong

A blend of synthetic textile fibers that is typically a heavier weighted fabric.

Rayon and cotton sarongs are wrinkle-resistant if hang dried.

Rayon and cotton sarongs are machine washable (gentle cycle).

We recommend hand washing the sarong before the first time you wear it, as the colors of the sarong may bleed.

Hang your sarongs to dry with fewer wrinkles than machine drying.

The sarong will get softer to the touch the more wear they get.

Silk (Chiffon) Sarong

A blend of synthetic textile fibers consisting typically of a soft, sheer, lightweight fabric.

The silk sarongs should be hand washed, or machine washed on a gentle cycle and hung dried or worn in the sun.

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